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My Favourite Software

Every once in a while, I come across software that blows my mind.  It's usually something well written, unique, or best in its class.  I like to present software that impresses me so that other people can use it too, especially if it's low-cost or free. So here is one piece of software that I love and recommend.
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OctoPrint Logo

OctoPrint is an open-source 3D print manager that can control your print jobs on 1 or more printers. In addition, it allows you to remotely upload, manage and monitor your prints from your browser.

Some of OctoPrint’s features include:

  • Remote control and monitoring through your browser
  • Plug-ins to expand its functionality
  • Save your models for a later print
  • Access to your webcam for monitoring or time-lapse video

It runs on Windows, Linux and MAC but most importantly, it runs on a Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi version, called OctoPI, is a full, self-contained OS running under Debian (Raspian is the Raspberry Pi’s customized version of Linux, which is based on Debian) and contains all of the software you need to get started.

Being small, cheap and lightweight, the Raspberry PI (RPI) boards make an ideal server for OctoPrint.  They also have GPIO pins (General Input/Output), so they can be integrated with your custom electronics projects or be used to control lights, power supplies and more.


OctoPrint is amazing on its own, but the community is constantly adding to its functionality via plug-ins.

Some of my favourite plug-ins are:

Take a look at their plug-ins page for more:


I have used OctoPrint to produce dozens of prints without a hiccup. Of course, any mistakes and re-prints have been caused by me or some other element.  But, that’s not a surprise since it’s built on a solid Linux foundation and receives prompt attention to bugs, and it’s still in active development.


OctoPrint is free.  Your only cost will be for the Raspberry Pi if you choose it for your server.  You could just as easily run it from a spare laptop or your desktop computer.


OctoPrint Website LogoBecause OctoPrint offers so much reliable functionality for free, it is the obvious choice for managing your 3D prints and printers.

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