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Every once in a while, I come across software that blows my mind.  It's usually something well written, unique, or best in its class.  I like to present software that impresses me so that other people can use it too, especially if it's low-cost or free. So here is one piece of software that I love and recommend.
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Visual Studio Code

If you’re a programmer like me, then you know the importance of a good code editor.

Over the last several years, I’ve used Visual Studio Code on Windows for most of my projects.  This includes C++, Python and Micropython, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript and plain old text files (VS Code also runs on Linux and Mac).

VS Code can be extended through its extension marketplace, adding functionality for any file type you can imagine.  Do you need to edit a HEX file?  VS Code has you covered. Do you want to edit a YAML or JSON file? Not an issue.

You’ll get colourization and code completion too!

VS Code is Themeable

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VS Code is Extendable:

Visual Studio Code Marketplace Screen Capture

VS Code has Code Completion:

VS Code Code Completion


Visual Studio Code is a Microsoft product. It is updated regularly and has an active community of writers, authors and extension developers.


Visual Studio Code is free.


Visual Studio Code is a very flexible code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its GitHub integration allows teams to collaborate remotely and to keep your source code up to date.

VS Code does a great job with auto-completion of code and HTML elements, keeping typing, and mistakes to a minimum.

If you’re looking for a great, extendible, reliable and free editor, look into VS Code.  You’ll be glad you did.

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