Favourite Software

A collection of posts about my favourite software

Node-RED Screen Shot

My Fave – Node-RED

Node-RED https://nodered.org/ Node-RED is the Swiss-Army knife of home automation and programming.  Using a drag and drop interface in your browser, you add, delete and edit “Nodes” to build up your program.  Nodes are functional blocks of pre-built code that you can use in your “flows”.  Each Node has a specific job, such as receiving …

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MozartBust 3D Printed

My Fave – OctoPrint

OctoPrint https://octoprint.org/ OctoPrint is an open-source 3D print manager that can control your print jobs on 1 or more printers. In addition, it allows you to remotely upload, manage and monitor your prints from your browser. Some of OctoPrint’s features include: Remote control and monitoring through your browser Plug-ins to expand its functionality Save your …

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