Andrew Resume 2022Over the past 23 years, I’ve worked for a large communications company here in Canada. During that time, I’ve installed and maintained phone systems for the Department of Defence, banks, 911 call centres, fire stations, hospitals and countless businesses and industries. I also installed thousands of physical copper and fibre-optic trunks with internet and voice services.

During my time, I planned and executed new installs, migrations and upgrades of phone systems in typical and high-availability environments. Many of my customers had multi-city phone systems with shared voicemail, coordinated dialling and redundancy.

Generally, I was responsible for physically installing Phone Systems, Ethernet and Voice jacks and patch panels, PA systems, FAX detectors, Sets, wifi, Door Entry systems and more.

I have two decades of utility-pole climbing and heights experience.


I have solid experience in C, C++, Javascript, Visual Basic.NET, C# and Assembly. In addition, I have experience working on front/back-end applications, including e-commerce and database-driven websites.

During the “.com” era, I Co-Owned Barrie Web. We made database-driven web pages with  a reusable plug-in system called “Live site.”

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent most of my time in the IoT sphere working on microcontrollers, C++, and electronics projects.

I’m comfortable with Windows and Linux operating environments, and I regularly use online technologies such as ITTT, Dashboards, MQTT, HTTP/REST, JSON, AWS, JSON, XML, etc.

I’ve written about some of my projects here on this site.


I graduated from Georgian College Electronics in the late ’90s and spent a few years repairing circuit boards and running ISO9001 audits at Celestica. I gained valuable experience soldering under a microscope with surface mount components and small-pitch ICs.

The past several years have seen me working with microcontrollers producing applications such as a wifi DSL shutter and a colour light sensor.


I’ve been shooting photos since the early ‘2000s, starting like most people by documenting my family. But, it quickly turned into a passion, and I started shooting weddings and families. Some of those photos are here on my site.

One fine morning in Essa Township

To this day, I still shoot – and I’ve written a few articles for this website about it – and I’ve posted a few galleries. So please let me know what you think – the links are on the page’s side panel.