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Programmer, Photographer and Musician

Frankenstein's Monster 3D Print

In the Lab : DIY HIFI

In the lab, I’m constructing a complete stereo system. I will lay out my plans for a complete signal path, browser to speaker driver and everything between. The complete system will have 2×3-way active speaker system with 2×12 subwoofers.

from a Browser-based network streamer that can play from your phone’s Bluetooth and a

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My Favourite Software

Every once in a while, I come across software that blows my mind.  It’s usually something well written, unique, or best in its class.  I like to present software that impresses me so that other people can use it too, especially if it’s low-cost or free.  Here is my list of recommended software.  If you …

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PlatformIO Screencap

My Fave – PlatformIO

PlatformIO If you spend time programming under the Arduino framework or wish to develop for a specific microprocessor such as an ESP32 or ESP8266, then PlatformIO is a no-brainer. PlatformIO runs as an extension under Visual Studio Code and provides the compilers and AutoCompletion for over a thousand microprocessors and dozens of frameworks. PlatformIO …

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Below is a collection of calculators I find useful while I’m working away.  I hope you find these calculators useful. Calculator – Resistors Get colour codes for resistors, or convert resistor colours to…

Node-RED Screen Shot

My Fave – Node-RED

Node-RED Node-RED is the Swiss-Army knife of home automation and programming.  Using a drag and drop interface in your browser, you add, delete and edit “Nodes” to build up your program.  Nodes are functional blocks of pre-built code that you can use in your “flows”.  Each Node has a specific job, such as receiving …

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CF-18 Hornet

Photo Drop, July 2021

Hi guys.  I’ve been busy typing up new articles and printing up time-lapses, so today, I decided to take some time out and process a few photos.  Here’s a mixture of photos that I picked out of the archive and a few news ones 🙂