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A blog devoted to Electronics, Programming, Music and Photography.

Welcome to my Repository

Hello. I am a programmer, electronics technician, musician, and photographer who loves learning and sharing. Here, you will find some of my projects, photo galleries, articles, and tools helpful for my areas of interest.

As always, I’m open to collaborating on projects. If you have an idea that needs electronics, or programming, please get in touch with me.

Please see my BIO page for more information about my qualifications or download my resume.

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Frankenstein's Monster 3D Print

In the Lab : DIY HIFI

In the lab, I’m constructing a complete stereo system. I will lay out my plans for a complete signal path, browser to speaker driver and everything between. The complete system will have 2×3-way active speaker system with 2×12 subwoofers.

from a Browser-based network streamer that can play from your phone’s Bluetooth and a

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